WellThrive Elite

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Integrative Programs for College Success

 Be  Better/Thrive in Every Way:

Academic & Career Coaching  + Life Coaching + Wellness  

  • Coaching for all degrees & careers. 
  • For high school seniors,  college students, or anyone looking to go back to school to change or enhance their career.

 We help you with:

  • which degree & career is best for you
  • focus & cognitive performance
  • stress management
  • overall wellness  (mental & physical health)
  • self confidence & motivation
  • time management & school/life balance
  • overcoming issues & planning all life goals

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Academic/Career Coaching: Healthcare Fields

Focused Academic & Career Coaching  for Healthcare degrees & license tracks: 

  • MD,  DO,  ND,  DNP,   MS/RC-PA,   DDS,  DVM,  DPM,  DC,  DAOM,   AuD,   OD,   MSN/RN,  MS/RD,   DPT,  SLPD,  OTD,  MS/AT-C,  MS/ACSM-CEP,   DSW,  MSW (leading to LMSW, LCSW),  MS (leading to LMHC, LPC, LMFT, LCAT, MT-BC, R-DMT, etc), PhD/PsyD,   Dr.PH, MPH,   EMT-P,  Radiologic Technologist (ART, ARDMS Sonographer),  BS/RRT,  etc.
  • Also, integrative medicine careers.

The Best Healthcare  Academic & Career Coaching :

  • Top Master Coaches  with extensive education & experience in healthcare specialties & coaching/mentoring.
  • Proven track record of clients' success in school & in all healthcare fields.
  • Despite low GPA & board scores, we can help you achieve your career goals. 

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Academic/Career Coaching: Fitness/Coaching/Wellness Fields

Focused Academic & Career Coaching for Fitness, Coaching, or Wellness related degrees, certifications, & careers:

  • Degrees: range from college certificate, AS, BS, MS, MSed, to PhD or Ed.D. in many different fields. 
  • Certifications: There are many for each field & specialty.  We help you determine which credentials are best for you to obtain based on your specific goals. 
  • Careers:  Life Coach, Health/Wellness Coach,  Sports Team Coach,  Performance Coach, Business/Executive Coach,  Dating/Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor,  Pilates Instructor,  Martial Arts Instructor, CPR & First Aid Instructor, Massage Therapist, Bodywork Specialist, Energy Healer,  Writer,  Entrepreneur, Physical Education & Health Teacher K-12, College Professor, Research Scientist,  etc. Many of these careers have many specialties & can be in private companies, nonprofit, or govt.

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