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Bodywork Lessons

 Benefits of Private Lessons to Learn Integrative Bodywork:

1.  Your colleague, friend, family, or loved one will receive free bodywork while you learn  

2.  Gain an additional talent to improve your relationship or be more competitive in the dating market.

3.  Get a head start in knowledge & skill if interested in eventually becoming a manual therapist:  massage therapist, athletic trainer (AT-C), physical therapist (DPT), chiropractor (DC), naturopathic physician (ND), or osteopathic physician (DO). 

4.  For personal trainers, yoga  teachers, & (a)estheticians  who  want to expand their practice with integrative bodywork & assisted stretching  along with latest technology. 

5.  Healthcare providers (MD, NP, PA, & RN) who want to incorporate bodywork as part of integrative medicine  or holistic nursing. 

 Convenience & Privacy:

 We come to your location in NYC (home, office, etc.)

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Our emphasis is  clinical/practical bodywork  & technology mentioned in our  Integrative Bodywork  &  Assisted Stretching  sections. However,  for personal trainers, yoga teachers, healthcare practitioners,  those interested in becoming a manual therapist, or anyone  interested in the science of the human body & health/wellness,  we also review selected topics from the following  Science/Theory  courses:

  • Anatomy  & Physiology  (including biomechanics,  kinesiology, etc.)

  • Pathology  (including  sports medicine, trigger points, etc.)

  • Acupressure, Reflexology,  & Energy Work  (Chinese Tui Na, Japanese Shiatsu,  Indian Ayurvedic,  & Thai)

  • Aromatherapy