4 Options for Convenience & Privacy: 

1.  We come to your location (home, office, etc) in Manhattan & Brooklyn

2.  You come to public meeting locations or our office locations

3.  Outdoor coaching (with option of walk & talk) in NYC parks & places with nice scenery  (Call us to discuss locations)

4. Telecoaching (video, phone, & online) anywhere - nationwide & international.

Top Master Coaches (who are highly educated, caring, & motivating) 

Integrating all types of coaching customized for you.

 A journey that will coach, educate, inspire, motivate, & empower you to overcome issues & achieve your goals, as well REV (Rejuvenate, Enliven, & Vitalize) yourself, others, & the universe to look better, feel better, & be better/thrive in every way. This includes optimizing overall health/wellness, aesthetics, performance, happiness, & fulfillment in the most efficient & effective ways.  

Types of Life Coaching: 

- Integrative Health/Wellness, Lifestyle, & Nutrition Coaching

- Stress Management

- Hypnosis, Mindfulness, & Meditation

- Performance Coaching: perform better & success/ thrive in work, school, sports, & life. 

- Positive Psychology

- Dating & Relationship

- Career Coaching

- Academic  Advisement/Coaching

Reprogram & Transform your Mind & LIfe:

- To think better, change behavior from bad habits to good habits, improve communication & conflict resolution skills, feel better, feel motivated, increase confidence, explore your strengths, become resilient, be more productive, and formulate efficient & effective plans to overcome issues & achieve your goals,

- Discover what happiness & fulfillment means to you, the meaningful life, & how to feel & experience it.

- Scroll down to see the sections below for more info & benefits 

Feel free to release & say anything on your mind to your coach without any judgment

Option of integrating coaching with integrative programs,  corporate programs, & college success

Rates:  (limited time discount)

- 60 min session: $150

- 90 min session: $200

- Full day intensive session: Call to discuss

Call us now for a free phone consultation to discuss your goals .


Integrative Health/Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching

This is an integrative approach that utilizes all types of coaching

We assess many aspects of your life, including any medical or mental health issues, genetics, nutrition, fitness, sunlight, sleep, how you think, mood, focus, energy, pain, how you handle stress, past trauma, your career, your hobbies, your communication & relationship with friends, family, spouse, etc.  We review issues you want to overcome &  life goals.

We facilitate you in formulating an efficient & effective plan to achieve your goals. We incorporate many types coaching, positive psychology, eastern philosophies (such as Buddhist & Kabbalistic philosophy in a secular manner), mindfulness/meditation, hypnosis, as well as option to include fitness, yoga, soft & hard martial arts, massage therapy, bodywork, energy work, stretch therapy, light therapy, nutrition, FDA cleared- cranial electrical stimulation, & other latest innovative technology. We collaborate with your physician, therapist, healthcare specialists, or anyone who could support you. 

Marshall is one of the most highly qualified integrative health/wellness coaches you can find, including certifications from UPenn, Cornell, & Harvard Medical School! Scroll down to the bottom to see his credentials. In addition,  he is caring, motivating, & provides practical effective guidance & coaching.


Career Coaching

Your career affects your life in many ways. It takes up much your time & can affect your health, relationship, family, happiness, fulfillment, & purpose in life!

Ideally, you want a career that: you love, are passionate about, are talented/good at, motivated to show up to work & do a good job daily, feel you are contributing to society,  and earn enough money to pay your bills & have enough money for savings. Also, you would want work/life balance where you have enough time for relaxation, sleep, not rushing meals, exercise, fun, hobbies, socialization, love life, family, friends, etc. We aim to get as close as possible to your ideal goals while being optimistic & realistic


We facilitate, guide, & coach you to be better & as competitive as possible in this job market!

- aiming to do better in your current career?

- planning to switch careers?

- planning to open your own business?

- planning to retire & thinking about your legacy?

- a college grad or young adult looking to begin your career? 

Customized Career Coaching to:

· Increase work performance & productivity.

· Improve work/life balance & time management.

· Manage stress & increase resiliency.

· Improve conflict resolution & communication skills.

· Improve leadership & management skills.

· Increase self confidence.

· Determine which career is best for you (whether you are starting your career or want to switch careers) and how to get there.

· Discover what success, fulfillment, & happiness means to you, and how to achieve it.

· Discover, explore, & focus on your talents, strengths, passions, & goals, and work on reducing your weaknesses & limitations.

- Achieve clear & effective decision making, thinking,  and goal planning.

We also offer additional academic & career coaching as part of our integrative programs for college success.

 Marshall, our Head Coach's coaching isn’t just from theories (from his certification from Wharton, Positive Psychology certification from UPenn, and additional extensive psychology & coaching education). He incorporates extensive personal work experience in many careers & businesses, as well as extensive coaching experience facilitating clients of all ages, levels, & careers.   Scroll down to the bottom to see his credentials .


Dating & Relationship Coaching

Finding the right person to date can be stressful and  time consuming.  Sometimes you need a coach to talk to who can facilitate & guide you to finding your best match.

- We review with you your preferences in what you are looking for, facilitate you in figuring out who is best for you, and how to find that person.  We facilitate you through this process that involves many factors, making the complex much easier. 

- We coach you to better yourself: look better (aesthetics), better verbal & non verbal communication, and much more. 

If you are in a relationship that you  want to improve, and overcome issues:

- Happy relationships are extremely important for health & longevity. 

- We coach you in effective communication skills (talking, listening, conflict resolution, compromise, etc) to overcome issues (anger, trust, communication, assertiveness, finance, family, sex, intimacy, mental health, etc.).

- We coach you to feel more connected to each other. 

In addition to coaching, we provide other services that will help with dating & relationships, such as personal training, couples fitness, & bodywork lessons

Our Head Coach Marshall has extensive education (including medical science, psychology, counseling, & coaching) and extensive experience in dating & relationship coaching.  He is caring, motivating, & provides practical effective coaching. 


Head Coach


- 3 College Degrees: Biomedical & Health Science, Fitness, & Psychology

- Doctorate courses: medical school  (MD & ND tracks)

- Clinical training hrs in internal medicine, PM&R, physical therapy,  psychotherapy,  & mental health counseling. 

- NASM Certified Specialist in   Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Youth Exercise, Senior Exercise, & MMA, & ACE Pre/Post Natal Fitness

- Certificates & training in many martial arts from around the world. (Won 2 Gold Medals at AAU Karate Championship)

- Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)

- Licensed Massage Therapist (AMTA)

- Certified Integrative Stretch Specialist (Swedish Institute, Yuri Esperson, NCBTMB & NSCA CE) 

- ACE Nutrition Specialist, & Certificate in Nutrition (Cornell University)

- Certificate in Mind Body Medicine (Benson-Henry Institute at MGH Psychiatry Academy-Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital)

- Specialization in Positive Psychology (UPenn)

-  Specialization in Personal & Professional Success (Wharton)

- Certified Hypnotist (Hunter College CE, NGH, & American Board of Hypnotherapy)

- Certified Wellness, Business, & Life Coach (many certifications)

- CE: Lifestyle Medicine (Harvard Medical School), Smoke Cessation (Yale), Dance Medicine (NYU), & courses from The Institute for Functional Medicine & The Swedish Institute, & more. 

- Additional college courses post grad:  Positive Psychology (UNC-Chapel Hill ), The Science of Well-Being (Yale),  The Science of Success (UMich), Coaching Practices (UC Davis), Performance Psychology (Juilliard), Wellness Coaching (Inst for Wellness Education), Inspiring & Motivating Individuals (UMich – Ross), Tibetan Buddhist Meditation (UVA),  Buddhism & Modern Psychology (Princeton),  Psychology of Popularity (UNC Chapel Hill), Psychological First Aid (Johns Hopkins), Epidemiology (UNC Chapel Hill),  Sports & Society (Duke),  Intro to Food & Health (Stanford).

- Other info studied from: UMass Medical School Center for Mindfulness,  Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, American College of Nutrition, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine (with research published in the  US National Library of Medicine, a branch of the National Institutes of Health), Duke Integrative Medicine & Health Coaching, University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine & National Center for Integrative Primary Care, University of Wisconsin Integrative Health, Academy of Integrative Health  & Medicine (AIHM), A4M, ACAM, Cochrane, National Academy of Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health, ACPM, ACSM, AHA, US Dept of Health & Human Services (NIH, CDC, ODPHP, SAMHSA), & much more. 

Marshall isn't only about academics (skipped 2 grades, won many scholarships, awards, & honors, & always continuing his education).  In addition, he wrote songs on the guitar, draws, acts,  enjoys comedy, & has a passion for teaching & helping people.  He has interests in many more areas &  can talk to you about almost anything.