Integrative Personal Programs


Achieve Your Goals

 Look Better, Feel better, &  Be better 

 Better Results, Faster!

Combine any of the following: 

- Personal Training

- Massage Therapy/Bodywork & Assisted Stretching 

- Latest Technology (ARXfit, 3D fit scan, IR sauna, light therapy, whole body vibration, electrical muscle stimulation whole body fitness, cranial electrotherapy stimulation, electric vibration massage device, PEMF therapy, cryotherapy, heat therapy, genetic & functional nutrition tests, and more)

- Integrative Coaching (nutrition, health/wellness, mindfulness, hypnosis, positive psychology, and life coaching- career, relationship, & any issue or goal)

- Complete integrative wellness evaluation to determine your goals

- Integrative Support: We create your personal elite Thrive Team that will customize a program. We collaborate with your physician, nutritionist, therapist, & whoever else can support you. 

- We will facilitate you in being motivated & determined to commit to the program!  


Convenience & Privacy: 

- We come to your location (home, gym, office, etc),

- or you can  come to our affiliated locations near you. 

- Also option of Telecoaching (video & online) 

Call us to discuss your goals

* Please note that any of our services or programs are not alternatives to seeing your physician & other licensed healthcare practitioners. We collaborate with your licensed healthcare practitioners to provide the most effective integrative programs for best results.