Integrative Personal Programs


Achieve Your Goals

 Look Better, Feel better, &  Be better 

Customized Integrative Programs for Optimal Wellness, Aesthetics, Performance, Longevity, Happiness, & Fulfillment.

 Better Results, Faster, that last longer.

Combine any of the following: 

- Personal Training

- Massage Therapy/Bodywork & Assisted Stretching 

- Integrative Coaching (nutrition, health/wellness, mindfulness, hypnosis, positive psychology, and life coaching- career, relationship, & any issue or goal)

- Integrative Medicine

- Latest Technology

- Complete integrative evaluation to determine your goals

- Integrative Support: We create your personal elite Thrive Team that will customize a program. We collaborate with physicians, nutritionists, therapists, & whoever else can support you.  

- We will facilitate you in being motivated & determined to commit to the program!  


4 Options for Convenience & Privacy: 

1.  We come to your location (home, office gym, etc) in Manhattan & Brooklyn

2.  You come to office locations, or our affiliated private gyms

3.  Outdoor coaching (NYC parks & places with nice scenery)

4. Telecoaching (video & online) 

Also, see our programs for corporate, college success, & teen success.

Call us to discuss your goals

* Please note that any of our services or programs are not alternatives to seeing your physician & other licensed healthcare practitioners. We collaborate with your licensed healthcare practitioners to provide the most effective integrative programs for best results.  We collaborate as part of a  Personalized, Integrative, (W)holistic, Mind-Body, Functional,  & Lifestyle Medicine/Health team.