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Why our Workouts are the Best Full Body Workouts in NYC:

We integrate the most innovative exercises (HIIT, resistance training, ARX, & stretching) in customized programs to facilitate you in reaching your goals faster & more efficiently & effectively. 

- In addition to being highly trained (top degrees, certifications, & extensive experience), our Thrive Team of top specialists are also coaches who are caring & motivating. That is really important for your success.

-  Research has shown HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most time efficient workouts for weight loss & overall health. This means better results, faster, & safer. Examples of some of the research:

We assess your fitness level to determine a customized workout program for you that provides the safest intensity, amount of time, & frequency of HIIT.  Different types of HIIT may include  intervals of: cardio, calisthenics, bootcamp, plyometrics, martial arts, kickboxing, & more. It all depends on what is best for you.

- We have access to the only ARX (Adaptive Resistance Training) machine in NYC. Innovative fitness technology providing the most efficient, effective, & safest exercise for resistance strength training to build strong muscles & bones. In addition, we incorporate other kinds of resistance training for other aesthetic, performance, & wellness goals. 


- Many trainers are not trained in advanced stretching which can lead to ineffective results & injury. In contrast, we incorporate proper warm-ups & workouts with dynamic stretching customized to your level of flexibility. We integrate stretching techniques from multiple disciplines (yoga, pilates, dance, gymnastics, & martial arts) with assessing which techniques are best for your goals.   Once properly warmed up, after the workout we incorporate deeper static stretching as well as option of assisted stretching. Effective stretching can increase flexibility/range of motion for better movement, pain & soreness relief, stress reduction, rejuvenation, & much more. 

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