WellThrive Elite

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Massage therapy/bodywork

  • Top Massage Therapists  & Bodywork Specialists  
  • Convenience & Privacy: We come to your location in NYC

The most extensive Full Body-Mind Rejuvenation you ever experienced             


Integrating Western & Eastern Healing  for Best Results: 

Swedish, Deep Tissue,  Acupressure,  Thai,  Stretch Therapy/Assisted Stretching, all on an extra padded table for ultimate comfort!       

(can also be done on chair as well)

 Choose any of the Unique Options & Latest Technology for Ultimate Relief:

Can be incorporated in  integrative , corporate, or college programs

Call us now to discuss your goals & inquire about discounts!. 


Benefits: Full Body & Mind Rejuvenation:

Feel Better, Look Better, & Be Better:

  • Relieve pain, soreness, tight muscles, fitness recovery, & headache/migraine. 
  • Improve flexibility/ROM & move better
  • Stress reduction, relaxation, better sleep, boost mood 
  • Increase energy & enhance cognitive & physical performance
  • Detoxify & boost immune system
  • Look better: better skin (including anti-cellulite, skin tightening, decrease inflammation) & improve posture/look taller
  • Overall wellness & healing