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Optimal Results

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Best Personal Training with options of integrating best technology, nutrition, medical grade supplements, mindfulness, coaching, & fitness recovery

 Convenience & Privacy:

1.  Master Trainers come to your location (home, gym, office) in NYC.

2.  You can come to our affiliated private gyms in NYC

3.  Telecoaching: online, anywhere 

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Types of Fitness: Integrate All or Pick a Focus

HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training NYC. Best HIIT Personal Training NYC. Best Bootcamp Fitness

Intervals of cardio/aerobics, calisthenics,  plyometrics, bootcamp, & more.

Yoga & Stretching

NYC Yoga. Stretching NYC. Assisted Stretching NYC. Bodywork NYC. Stretch Therapy NYC. Bodywork NYC.

Stretching from yoga, pilates, dance, & gymnastics

Kickboxing & Martial Arts


Kickboxing,  tae kwon do, kung fu, MMA, & tai chi. 

Resistance Training

Strength Training NYC. Calisthenics NYC. Bodyweight Training. Body Sculpting NYC. Body Toning NYC

Weight lifting, calisthenics, & best technology.

EMS Fitness + Russian Stim.

Electric Muscle Stimulation NYC Electrical Muscle Stimulation NYC. Non Invasive Body Contouring NYC

Electric Muscle Stimulation  for Optimal Performance & Aesthetics


Free Phone Consultation to  see how we can help you achieve your Goals!

-  Body Transformation: Weight Loss   & Body Contouring

- Optimal Wellness: Physical Health, Mental Health, Stress Relief, Anti-Aging/Longevity,  & Pain Relief 

- Performance Enhancement: Thrive in work, academics (high school or college), & athletics

Limited Time Offer - Intro Package

2-2.5 hrs - $150

Includes: Complete Wellness Evaluation, Personal Training, Best Technology, &  Fitness Recovery


Limited Time Offer - Paired Training

1 session (up to 1 hr) - $60 per person

Train with your colleague, friend, or loved one. 

*  Each person must first purchase the "Intro Package" listed above