Personalized Unique Programs

Better Results, Faster, that Last Longer!

See  & Feel the Difference!

1.  Customized:         

Based on your goals, medical history, genetics, etc. 

2.  Your Personal Elite Thrive Team:

-  Top  Master Trainers  & Coaches  help you be motivated 

-   Integrative Support:  best physicians, nutritionists, therapists, & other specialists.  

3. Best Latest Technology  

4.  Time Efficiency:         

 optimal results in the little time you have!

5. You will Not get Bored:        

  always learn new things.  

Best Personal Training  & Unique Integrative Personalized  Programs for all fitness levels & goals, ranging from inactive, out of shape, those in pain, to pro-athletes, new moms,  college students, corporate executives, celebrities, retired seniors,  specialized body transformation programs  (wedding prep, modeling,  acting roles), etc. 

Locations:   Options for Convenience & Privacy.

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Types of Fitness: Integrate All or Pick a Focus

HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training


Intervals of cardio/aerobics, calisthenics,  plyometrics, bootcamp, & more.

Yoga & Stretching


Stretching from yoga, pilates, dance, gymnastics, & martial arts. (Option of assisted stretching).  

Kickboxing & Martial Arts


Get fit with striking (muay Thai, all types of  kickboxing,  boxing, karate, tae kwon do, & kung fu), MMA, & tai chi. 

Resistance Training


Weight lifting, strength training,  calisthenics/bodyweight training, & best technology.

EMS Fitness

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) fitness.

FDA - Cleared Electric Muscle Stimulation  Optimal Performance & Aesthetics: 

Add to resistance training to increase endurance, strength, muscle size, toning, & VO2 max 

Best Technology


Biohacking: we collaborate with top companies for best  technology that enhances our personal training & integrative programs