Best Personal Training in NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, & surrounding areas.

Best workouts in NYC customized for all ages & goals.

Get Better Results, Faster!

Convenience & Privacy: 

- Master Trainers/Coaches come to your location (home, gym, office, etc),

- or you can  come to our affiliated private gyms near you. 

- Also option of Telecoaching (video, phone, & online) 


Option of incorporating personal training in integrative programs, teen success programs, & corporate programs.  


-  Intake- varies based on how long it takes.  (To save money & time, you have the option of having some of the intake forms emailed  to you prior to the session)

- Personal Training  (45-60 min) session:  $120 - $150/session   (depending on # of sessions/week)

- Quick Session (30 min):  $65 - $85/session  (depending on # of sessions/week)

- Paired Training (bring a friend or family member to train with): 45 -60 min session: $60 - $75 per person/session    (depending on # of sessions/week)

Email us at for details on the rates.

Call us now for a free phone consultation to discuss your goals & inquire about any discounts!  


Why do Celebrities & Models Hire our Trainers?

Experience the Difference!

- Best Master Trainers:  top  specialists who provide the best quality service: Caring , motivating, college educated, many advanced certifications, extensive experience, & knowledge of related fields (medicine, health, nutrition, & psychology).

 - Motivation & Coaching: our master trainers are also expert coaches who facilitate you in being motivated & determined to commit to the program

 - Elite Thrive Team:  Integrative Support: we collaborate with the best physicians, nutritionists, therapists, & specialists in wellness, aesthetics, & performance fields.

- Latest technology: we collaborate with top wellness studios & specialists  that have the best latest technology, including access to the only ARXfit machine in NYC, electric muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, etc. 

- Time efficiency: Get optimal results in the little time you have!

- Convenience & Privacy: Option of coming to your location & telecoaching.

- You will not get bored! Have fun & always learn new things.


Types of Fitness:

Achieve your Goals!


- Thorough integrative lifestyle health/wellness evaluation

 - Get a customized effective program for you to achieve your specific goals

HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training


HIIT includes intervals of cardio/ aerobics, calisthenics, bootcamp, plyometrics, martial arts, kickboxing, resistance training, & more.

Yoga & Stretching


Stretching from yoga, pilates, dance, gymnastics, & martial arts. (Option of including assisted stretching & mindfulness).  

Kickboxing & Martial Arts


Weight loss, toning, flexibility, balance, stamina, better performance in all sports, better focus & cognitive performance, discipline, confidence, & self defense.  Also  combines HIIT, stretching, & resistance training. 

Resistance Training


Weight lifting, calisthenics, & latest machines with best technology.

Best Fitness Technology


The only ARXfit in NYC,  whole body vibration, red & IR light therapy, IR sauna, cryotherapy, EMS fitness, & more latest tech. 

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Coming Soon

The Future of Fitness with the Latest Technology!

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) +  Whole Body Workout

Looks Cool &  Feels Good.

Extremely Efficient, Save Time!  

Only 20 min of EMS fitness  1 x per week = Better Results, 3 x Faster!

- Activate almost 100% of muscle fiber in all major muscle groups (other types of fitness usually only activate about a max of 60-65% of muscle fiber

-  Weight/Fat loss + Extreme Calorie Burning

- Get extra toned

- Strengthen muscles (which can reduce risk of injuries)

- Reduce pain

Call today to see if you qualify to train with EMS latest technology!