Psychiatry, Mental Health, & Wellness

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Be Better/Thrive in every way:

Overcome Issues, Feel Better, &  Achieve your Goals!

Optimal Health/Wellness,  Well-Being,  Performance,  Happiness, & Fulfillment   :)

WellThrive Integrative provides the Best Psychiatric, Mental Health, & Wellness services:

- Evaluations (Psychiatric, Mental Health, & Wellness)

- Medications/Prescriptions

- Personalized, Integrative, (W)holistic, Mind-Body, Functional,  & Lifestyle Medicine approach. 

- Latest Innovative Technology (FDA cleared cranial electro stimulation, light therapy, functional nutrition/medicine tests, genomics/genetic testing).

- Integrative Coaching: All types of Life Coaching (Health/Wellness, Lifestyle,  Nutrition, Positive Psychology, Performance, Career, Dating/Relationship, Family, & any issue or goal) along with Mind-Body modalities (Fitness,  Yoga, Martial Arts, Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnosis).

Your Personal Elite Thrive Team: Integrative Support:   

For additional care & to achieve your goals with best  results, we collaborate with WellThrive Elite's top specialists  who provide boutique customized services & programs (including fitness, bodywork, integrative coaching, & education), along with the latest technology. 

Treatment for: 

- Depression, Sadness, Low Self Confidence, Fatigue/Low Energy,  Tiredness, & Low Motivation

- Anxiety & Stress

- Insomnia/Sleep issues

- AD(H)D, issues with Concentration & Focus

- Binge Eating & Weight Management

- Smoke Cessation

- Poor Cognitive & Physical Performance

Convenience & Privacy: our specialists can accommodate your busy schedule via  Telemedicine - phone or video.  (1st session must be in person or video)


- Intake/Evaluation (up to 1hr): $300

- Consultation (up to 15 min) : Psychiatry  (medication management, questions, advice) or Functional Medicine: $100 

- Integrative Coaching (1 hr): $175

- Functional Medicine testing: varies

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Functional Medicine Testing

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Modern medicine is innovating personalized treatment for your specific issues

Functional Medicine testing assesses medical issues that can affect your mental health: such as issues with thyroid, hormones, immune system, inflammation, food sensitivity/allergies & intolerance,  homocystiene,  microbiome & gut bacteria, toxins, heavy metals,  vitamin & mineral deficiency, amino acids & fatty acids, organic acids,  cholesterol, genetics, etc.  Some of these lab tests are done by your general practitioner (family or internal medicine). However, functional medicine assesses the range of those lab results more in depth, and adds additional tests. 

After we analyze your test results, we provide a personalized integrative treatment & wellness program combining the latest science & technology, which can include the following:  medications, nutrition (food, supplements, herbs), fitness, massage therapy/bodywork, light therapy, cranial electro stimulation, mindfulness, psychotherapy, coaching, etc.