Total Body Assisted Stretching & Integrative Bodywork

Top massage therapists and bodywork & stretch specialists come to your location.

Most extensive relief than any massage or stretch session you had!

Integrating western & eastern techniques  for best results: 

Assisted Stretching (PNF, myofascial release, AIS, Thai yoga bodywork), 

along with deep tissue, trigger point, acupressure (Shiatsu, Thai, Chinese, Ayurvedic/Indian), aromatherapy, & breathing techniques.

Some of these techniques are also similar to ones seen with athletic trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractic & osteopathic physicians.

Options: Fully clothed & electric percussion device for ultimate relief. 

Full Body & Mind Rejuvenation: Pain, soreness, tension, tight muscles,  headache/migraine relief, flexibility/ROM, improve posture/look taller, injury prevention, reduce fatigue/increase energy,  stress reduction, relaxation, better sleep, detoxifies, better skin, boost immune system, boost mood, & enhance performance.


Can be incorporated in customized integrative programs or corporate programs

Discounted Prices


 - 2 hrs:    $300  (usually $400) 

- 90 min: $200  (usually $300)

- 60 min: $150  (usually $200)

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