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Top specialists (highly trained, caring, & motivating) that provide the most effective customized services & programs. 

There are many subspecialties in each of the following: fitness, martial arts, yoga,  massage therapy, bodywork, mindfullness/meditation, coaching, (a)esthetics, & wellness. To be concise, we only list a few of our many specialists in each of these fields. 

 In addition, we collaborate with physicians, nutritionist, therapists, & other top specialists to provide the most effective integrative programs & support for you to achieve your goals with best results.


Head Trainer/Coach/Wellness Specialist:


- 3 College Degrees: Biomedical & Health Science, Fitness, & Psychology

- Doctorate courses: medical school (MD & ND tracks)

- Clinical training hrs in internal medicine, PM&R, physical therapy,  psychotherapy,  & mental health counseling.

- NASM Certified Specialist in Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Youth Exercise, Senior Exercise, & MMA, & ACE Pre/Post Natal Fitness

- Certificates & training in many martial arts from around the world. (Won 2 Gold Medals at AAU Karate Championship)

- Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)

- Licensed Massage Therapist  (AMTA)

-  Certified Integrative Stretch Specialist (Swedish Institute, Yuri Esperson, NCBTMB & NSCA CE)

- ACE Nutrition Specialist, & Certificate in Nutrition (Cornell University)

- Certificate in Mind Body Medicine (Benson-Henry Institute at MGH/Harvard Medical School)

- Specialization in Positive Psychology (U Penn) 

- Specialization in Personal & Professional Success (Wharton)

- Certified Hypnotist (Hunter College CE, NGH, & American Board of Hypnotherapy)

- Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach (many certifications)

- CE: Lifestyle Medicine (Harvard Medical School), Smoke Cessation (Yale), Dance Medicine (NYU),  The Institute for Functional Medicine, The Swedish Institute, Mayo Clinic, NIH, CDC,  & more…

- Additional courses post grad from: Princeton, Duke, Yale, U Mich - Ann Arbor & Ross, Julliard, UNC Chapel Hill, UVA, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, & more….

Marshall isn't only about academics (skipped 2 grades, won many scholarships, awards, & honors, & always continuing his education).  In addition, he wrote songs on the guitar, draws, acts,  enjoys comedy, & has a passion for teaching & helping people.  He has interests in many more areas &  can talk to you about almost anything. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more. 

World Champion Kickboxer/Boxer, Coach, & Fitness Specialist:

Shihan/Master Maurepaz is a trainer & coach for:

- Celebrities, athletes, & general public of all ages & all levels in kickboxing (Muay Thai, Sanda, Savate, Dutch, Kyokushin Karate, American style, etc.), boxing, & basic grappling (BJJ, wrestling, & a touch of Russian Sambo) applied to sports, self defense, acting, & combat fitness.

- General fitness for weight loss, body toning, strength, stamina, flexibility,  & wellness.

Master Maurepaz (male athlete featured in Everlast's commercial promoting female boxers) is a world champion kickboxer (many styles) & boxer, a Shihan (Master) in Kyokushin Karate under the Japanese Sokeship council, & was inducted in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame! Even though he trains/coaches celebrities & pro athletes, as well as a martial arts consultant for movies, he is humble, caring, friendly, & easy to talk to.  He gives back by mentoring in youth programs where he was honored for his service.  Master Maurepaz is bilingual (English & Spanish) & is a comic artist on the side. 

Master Trainer/Coach & Yoga Teacher


- Bachelor's Degree in Psychology,  NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, & Certified in Yoga Therapy.

- General fitness, functional fitness, yoga (all types including hot Vinyasa yoga & restorative yoga), meditation, & breathing techniques for weight loss, body toning, strength, stamina, flexibility,  & wellness.

Jamie has experience in top gyms (Equinox, Columbia University, etc.) & gives back by teaching at Yoga to the People. On the side, she practices boxing & sprinting, & enjoys traveling (such as her Yoga Therapy certification in India). 

Dance Fitness Specialist


- Professional dancer (athlete & performer), educated at The Swedish Royal Ballet School & The Ailey School, with over 20 yrs of experience in ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, & bugg (Swedish swing). Jhon can teach/coach/train you in many styles of dance & fitness applied to many goals: weight loss, toning, flexibility, balance, stamina, strength, & performance in many different sports. 

- In addition to dance performance & dance fitness, he is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a focus on body awareness & proper alignment & form for any fitness goal.

Elite Massage Therapist & Master Bodywork Specialist:


NYS has the strictest & most extensive requirements for massage therapists in the US. Richard is a NYS LMT & is one the most qualified massage therapists you will ever meet anywhere!

- Almost 30 yrs of experience in every type of massage therapy & bodywork, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, medical, lymph drainage, Thai, Shiatsu, acupressure, assisted stretching, etc. He is one of the few massage therapists that has additional experience in pet massage. 

- In addition, if you have any medical conditions, recent or past injuries, are pregnant (pre natal), just had a baby in the last year (post natal), have thick scars, or have edema/inflammation after surgery, you need to see a highly trained medical massage therapist, such as Richard, who has extensive experience, many advanced specialty certifications, & trusted & referred by physicians! Many massage therapists do not have these qualifications!

- Furthermore, Richard incorporates the Raptor, the most powerful & best percussion therapy device used by the top sports teams! Not many massage therapists have this!


We are in the process of updating to add many more of our top companies & specialists based on specialty & location.

Fitness Specialties:

TransformGST   Gymnastic Strength Training. For adults. UES.


  • Michele Weinberg, RD    NYU grad. Weight loss, Digestive Disorders, & Food Intolerances. Manhattan location, online, & home calls to Manhattan & Brooklyn.Mention "WellThrive Elite" & get 10% Off!
  • Elyse Metelka, RD     Weight Management, Eating Disorders, Sports Nutrition (additional specialty in Figure Skating Nutrition), Vegetarian Nutrition, & Medical Nutrition Therapy for Disease.  Columbus Circle & Online.
  • Haley Stein, RD    Weight management, thyroid, & digestive disorders. Full practice. Only accepting clients/patients for Online  services.  In addition to nutrition, she also teaches at Pure Barre.
  • Jaclyn Sklaver   Sports & Functional Nutrition.   NYC, Atlanta, & Online. Mention "WellThrive Elite" & get 10% Off!

Personal Chefs:

Jerran Boyer   Cornell nutrition grad. Cooks at your location.


  • Marcia C. Bruce, MD, LMHC, NCC    NYU grad.  Optimal Performance, Positive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution focused Brief Therapy, Coaching, & HRV Biofeedback.  Midtown East, Union Sq, & Online.
  • Joshua Tal, Ph.D.  Psychologist with specialties in Insomnia, Addictions, & Aging & Life Transitions.   UWS
  • Daniel Weiss     Cornell grad.  UWS & Greenwich Village. Accepts NYU insurance plan.
  • Tamar Kipnis    Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, & Dance Therapy.  Astoria. 

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine:

  • Rafi Marinelli    845-558-1874.  Acupuncture home calls in Manhattan, & Herbal Medicine online & phone consults. 
  • Dr. Radislav Kats    Acupunture Physician & Oriental Medicine..  2 West End Ave, suite 2 Brooklyn, NY 11235. (917) 892- 9224 or (718) 934-2211


  • Dr. Mitchell B. Green    Rehab. & Dance Medicine.  Columbus Circle & Financial District. 
  • Dr. Bochner     Sports Injury &  Prepare to Compete Injury Prevention System 

Osteopathic Medicine:

Dr. Paulvin   Osteopathic, Integrative, & Functional Medicine, and Biohacking. Midtown East. 

Functional Medicine:

Traci Fields   Concierge Medicine, Functional Medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, & Nutrition: weight loss, anti-aging, libido, & overall health/wellness. Midtown East


Dr. Juraj Lukac   Child & Adolescent Psychiatry & Holistic/Integrative Health. UES


Dr. Jacques Moritz    Weill Cornell/NYP  Chief OB/GYN. Delivers babies, including complex cases. Lower Manhattan


Dr. Zachary Palace  Chief of Geriatric Medicine at top nursing home.  Riverdale, Bronx


RxOnDemand   Telemedicine  in NY, IL, & GA


Dr. Diana Campos  General & Cosmetic Dentist. NYU grad.  

Ridgewood, Queens    Call 347-603-0192

Continuing Education:

Yuri Esperson- CE for Massage Therapy (Facelift Massage, Integrative Stretching, Indian/Ayurvedic Massage, etc) & Personal Training.

The Swedish Institute (Manhattan) & private lessons (Rego Park)

(917) 414-7769