Top specialists (who are all caring, motivating, highly educated,  & have extensive experience) that provide the most effective customized services & programs. 

There are many subspecialties in each of the following: Psychiatry, mental healh, fitness, martial arts, yoga,  massage therapy, bodywork, mindfullness/meditation, coaching, (a)esthetics, & wellness. To be concise, we only list a few of our many specialists in each of these fields. 

 In addition, we collaborate with physicians, nutritionist, therapists, & lifestyle specialists to provide the most effective integrative programs & support for you to achieve your goals with best results.


Head Trainer/Coach/Wellness Specialist:


- 3 College Degrees: Biomedical & Health Science, Fitness, & Psychology

- Doctorate courses: medical school (MD & ND tracks)

- Clinical training hrs in internal medicine, PM&R, physical therapy,  psychotherapy,  & mental health counseling.

- NASM Certified Specialist in Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, Youth Exercise, Senior Exercise, & MMA, & ACE Pre/Post Natal Fitness

- Certificates & training in many martial arts from around the world. (Won 2 Gold Medals at AAU Karate Championship)

- Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)

- Licensed Massage Therapist  (AMTA)

-  Certified Integrative Stretch Specialist (Swedish Institute, Yuri Esperson, NCBTMB & NSCA CE)

- ACE Nutrition Specialist, & Certificate in Nutrition (Cornell University)

- Certificate in Mind Body Medicine (Benson-Henry Institute at MGH/Harvard Medical School)

- Specialization in Positive Psychology (U Penn) 

- Specialization in Personal & Professional Success (Wharton)

- Certified Hypnotist (Hunter College CE, NGH, & American Board of Hypnotherapy)

- Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach (many certifications)

- CE: Lifestyle Medicine (Harvard Medical School), Smoke Cessation (Yale), Dance Medicine (NYU),  The Institute for Functional Medicine, The Swedish Institute, Mayo Clinic, NIH, CDC,  & more…

- Additional courses post grad from: Princeton, Duke, Yale, U Mich - Ann Arbor & Ross, Julliard, UNC Chapel Hill, UVA, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, & more….

Marshall isn't only about academics (skipped 2 grades, won many scholarships, awards, & honors, & always continuing his education).  In addition, he wrote songs on the guitar, draws, acts,  enjoys comedy, & has a passion for teaching & helping people.  He has interests in many more areas &  can talk to you about almost anything. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more. 

World Champion Kickboxer/Boxer, Coach, & Fitness Specialist:

Shihan/Master Maurepaz is a trainer & coach for:

- Celebrities, athletes, & general public of all ages & all levels in kickboxing (Muay Thai, Sanda, Savate, Dutch, Kyokushin Karate, American style, etc.), boxing, & basic grappling (BJJ, wrestling, & a touch of Russian Sambo) applied to sports, self defense, acting, & combat fitness.

- General fitness for weight loss, body toning, strength, stamina, flexibility,  & wellness.

Master Maurepaz (male athlete featured in Everlast's commercial promoting female boxers) is a world champion kickboxer (many styles) & boxer, a Shihan (Master) in Kyokushin Karate under the Japanese Sokeship council, & was inducted in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame! Even though he trains/coaches celebrities & pro athletes, as well as a martial arts consultant for movies, he is humble, caring, friendly, & easy to talk to.  He gives back by mentoring in youth programs where he was honored for his service.  Master Maurepaz is bilingual (English & Spanish) & is a comic artist on the side. 

Master Trainer/Coach & Yoga Teacher


- Bachelor's Degree in Psychology,  NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, & Certified in Yoga Therapy.

- General fitness, functional fitness, yoga (all types including hot Vinyasa yoga & restorative yoga), meditation, & breathing techniques for weight loss, body toning, strength, stamina, flexibility,  & wellness.

Jamie has experience in top gyms (Equinox, Columbia University, etc.) & gives back by teaching at Yoga to the People. On the side, she practices boxing & sprinting, & enjoys traveling (such as her Yoga Therapy certification in India). 

Dance Fitness Specialist


- Professional dancer (athlete & performer), educated at The Swedish Royal Ballet School & The Ailey School, with over 20 yrs of experience in ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, & bugg (Swedish swing). Jhon can teach/coach/train you in many styles of dance & fitness applied to many goals: weight loss, toning, flexibility, balance, stamina, strength, & performance in many different sports. 

- In addition to dance performance & dance fitness, he is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a focus on body awareness & proper alignment & form for any fitness goal.

Elite Massage Therapist & Master Bodywork Specialist:


NYS has the strictest & most extensive requirements for massage therapists in the US. Richard is a NYS LMT & is one the most qualified massage therapists you will ever meet anywhere!

- Almost 30 yrs of experience in every type of massage therapy & bodywork, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, medical, lymph drainage, Thai, Shiatsu, acupressure, assisted stretching, etc. He is one of the few massage therapists that has additional experience in pet massage. 

- In addition, if you have any medical conditions, recent or past injuries, are pregnant (pre natal), just had a baby in the last year (post natal), have thick scars, or have edema/inflammation after surgery, you need to see a highly trained medical massage therapist, such as Richard, who has extensive experience, many advanced specialty certifications, & trusted & referred by physicians! Many massage therapists do not have these qualifications!

- Furthermore, Richard incorporates the Raptor, the most powerful & best percussion therapy device used by the top sports teams! Not many massage therapists have this!